Speed ​​Limits

The speed limit in Greece according to the Road Traffic Code is 50 kilometers in the city and in the residential areas, 80 kilometers on expressways and 100-120 on motorways.

Always keep the speeds listed on the signs along the road on which you are driving.

The speed limit is controlled in many areas by satellite and camcorder, so be very careful.

Do not drive when you drink. The permissible blood alcohol level is 0.05 percent.

The occupants of the rented car must wear seat belts.

The Traffic Police carries out rigorous checks on the use of seat belts and imposes corresponding fines as well as the removal of the driving license.

Only park in permissible parking spaces

Only park in designated parking areas where parking is permitted.

Choose the right rental car for your trips

Know the traffic signs and how to read maps
The use of a mobile phone while driving is forbidden, explicitly or indirectly, in all EU countries, as it has been shown to increase the risk of fatal accidents fivefold.

Emergency Phone

Across Europe, as in Greece, the emergency call number is 112 (from a mobile phone) and you can call for free when there is an urgent need.