General Rental Terms and Conditions

AGE REQUIREMENT: Minimum age requirement for car rental is 23 years for categories A1, AX, B, C, D, F, FX, K, K1, J. For categories E, H1, H2, HL, J1, JX , JC it is 25 years, and for XQ and XC 30 years. The maximum age is 75 years.
Individuals under the age of 23 can rent category A and AS vehicles provided they hold a driving license issued at least 12 months prior to the beginning of the rental. In this case, a daily €10 young driver surcharge applies.

DRIVING LICENSE: A driving license issued by a European Union country is required. Alternatively, the law requires an INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENSE accompanied by the national license of the respective country, issued at least one year prior to the rental and in good standing during and until the end of the rental.
MINIMUM RENTAL PERIOD: One day (24 hours). Twenty nine (29) minutes after the end of the 24-hour rental, a full day rental fee will be charged.

TRAFFIC FINES: The customer is responsible for the cost of any road traffic offense or fine that occurs during the rental of the vehicle. In the case Tomaso handles the fine of behalf of the customer an administrative fee of €30 applies.

REFUNDS: The rental cost is prepaid based on the number of days the customer has decided and selected to rent the vehicle. In the event the vehicle is returned earlier than the agreed date due to the fault of the customer for whatever reason there will be EXPRESSLY no refund or offsetting against future charges.

CANCELLATION POLICY: In case of cancellation up to 5 days prior to the scheduled collection of the vehicle from the station – provided the cancellation is submitted in writing by you, we return 50% of the rental fee on your credit card or to a bank account and exclusively in the name under which the deposit towards Tomaso was made. In case of cancellation in less than 5 days, it is expressly stated that no refund will be made.
SECURITY DEPOSIT: When the vehicle is picked up, a certain sum will be held on the driver’s credit card. It is returned in full at the end of the rental period unless other charges arise. The release of the amount may take up to 14 days depending on the issuing bank of the credit card. The amount of the deposit varies depending on the vehicle category as follows:
A, AS, A1, B, F: €650, AX, C, FX, K, K1, J: €950, E, H1, JX, J1, JC: €1200, H2, HL: €2.000, XQ, XS: €3.000
INSURANCE: Tomaso vehicle renters are insured against fire and third parties for death and bodily injuries.
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): The renter may, if they accept and sign the relevant terms of the contract, limit their liability for their legal participation in any damage to the vehicle: at €650.00 for categories A, AS, A1, F, €950.00 for categories AX, C, FX, K, K1, J, €1.200.00 for categories E, H1, JX, J1, JC, € 1.500 for category H2 and € 2.000 for HL , XQ, XC, provided that the damage is not due to any violation of the Road Traffic Code. No insurance covers damages to tires, mirrors, windscreen wipers, car underbody, burning of seats and upholstery, loss of key, and glass breakage.

ATTENTION: If the customer does not accept and sign the relevant contract terms, they are LIABLE FOR THE TOTAL VALUE OF THE VEHICLE at the time of rental.

THEFT PROTECTION (TP): Theft coverage is an optional service, which if accepted, allows the renter to limit their liability for theft of a Tomaso rented vehicle to €750 for categories A, A1, B, F at an extra fee of €6 per day of rental, at € 900 for categories AX, C, FX, K, K1, J, at an extra fee of €9 per day of rental, to € 1.250.00 for categories E, H1, JX, J1, JC at an extra fee of €12 per day of rental, to € 1.500.00 for H2, HL, at an extra fee of €15 per day of rental, to € 3.000.00 for categories JQ, JC, at an extra fee of €30 per day of rental.

DRIVER AND PASSENGER INSURANCE (PAI): PAI costs € 6.00 per day and covers compensation for death, total or partial disability up to €70,000.00, up to € 17.600.00 for each passenger and up to € 1.500.00 for hospital expenses. Maximum compensation limit per accident €88.000.00.

TIRE AND GLASS BREAKAGE INSURANCE (WUG): The renter is entirely relieved from liability for any damage to the tires or the car glass provided they accept and sign the relevant terms of the company’s contract and pay €10 per rental day.

FERRY TRANSPORT INSURANCE (FS): Our vehicles can be transported by boat anywhere within the Greek borders in consultation with the Tomaso Station. However, the insurance provided does not cover the transport of the vehicle by ship. Additional insurance (Ferry insurance), which covers the transportation by ship, is available for purchase at an additional cost of €75 per rental.

€30.00 in the event of an accident attributed to fault on their part.
CO-DRIVER CHARGE: € 5.00 per day.

TAXES: All charges listed in our company’s price lists or in the general terms and rental contracts are subject to 24% V.A.T. PRIOR TO the final amount of the total.
FUEL POLICY: Fuel is paid by the customer and the vehicle must be returned with the same quantity of fuel as when received. Any difference is paid at Tomaso’s office or, otherwise, will be charged to the customer’s credit card. THERE WILL BE NO REFUND in the case the vehicle is returned with more fuel.
REFUELING SERVICE CHARGE: In the case the car is not returned fully filled, a €15 service charge applies on top of the cost of fuel.

MILEAGE: For rentals of 3 days or more, our prices include free mileage. For 1 or 2 day rentals, there is a limit of 150 km per day. If the renter wishes to have free mileage, they can select a free mileage package with a charge corresponding to the category of vehicle rented. If not, there is a charge ranging from € 0.10 to € 0.80 per additional kilometer depending on the category of your choice.

CHILD CAR SEATS: Available only upon advance reservation and at a charge of €5 per day, with a maximum charge of €50.

SNOW CHAINS: Available only upon advance reservation and at a charge of €5 per day, with a maximum charge of €50.

GPS: GPS for use by renters is available, upon request during booking, only at certain stations. The charge is €7 per day, with a maximum charge of €70.

TOMASO WiFi INTERNET: Available only at certain stations, upon request during booking. The charge is €7 per day, plus V.A.T. for 500MB of usage per day, for the duration of the car rental.

Next to the type of vehicle of your choice there is the term ‘Or Similar’ which states that the vehicle you have chosen will be 95% the make and model which appears on our website. In exceptional cases, you may receive another make of the same type, comparable in size and performance to the vehicle displayed on our website. If, for any reason, we are not in a position to provide you with a vehicle of the same category chosen, we will deliver a vehicle from the next higher class at no extra charge.

VEHICLE COLLECTION-DELIVERY: There is no extra charge for any vehicle collection or delivery within the city and up to 5 km from our station. For our island offices there is no charge for ANY LOCATION, irrespective of the distance. For distances over 5km in cities there is a one-off charge of €25 plus €0.50 per kilometer. For night service and non-working hours (22: 00-08: 00) there is a charge of € 25 per case.

CROSS BORDER RENTAL: It is strictly forbidden to transport Tomaso rented vehicles across the border and there is absolutely no insurance coverage outside the Greek territory.

FERRY TRANSPORT: Carriage of vehicle on board ships without the written consent of Tomaso is prohibited. ATTENTION: Any damage occurring on board a ship without notification to our company IS NOT COVERED BY THE INSURANCE COMPANY.
RENTAL EXTENSION: If you wish to keep your vehicle longer than the originally agreed period, you must contact the station from where you received the vehicle to have the rental extended if and when possible.

TOMASO PRICELIST AND SEASONAL OFFERS: Our price list is indicative and changes DYNAMICALLY on a daily basis either increasing or being discounted, depending on the availability of each different type and model of vehicle in relation to the calendar periods, the overall duration of the rental period as well as the availability at a particular Tomaso station. Thus, if you do not complete your reservation, it is possible to find a different price when you try again some other time due to the above parameters that affect the final price per day. We would like you to pay close attention to the creation and completion of your reservation because in the event of a change or cancellation you may not be entitled to a REFUND according to the general terms of use and cancellation policy of our company.